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Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Residential Sellers,

If you are looking to sell during this time of year here are a couple of things that will help you get the buyers to your home during the holiday season and help you get the highest value for your home.

  1. Price your home to sell don’t overprice – The market will tell you if your home is overpriced. If within the first two weeks you have no appointments or inquiries then the public is saying your home is priced too high. An overpriced home will not sell and the peak market time will quickly pass and you will be left with no interested buyers.
  2. Home Staging – inside and outside – You may only have one chance to make a great first Impression. First impression is everything, buyers start their search online. Usually the first picture displayed online is the picture of the outside of your home. From this initial picture buyers will determine whether or not to request an appointment for showing. Be sure to cut and water the grass, trim the hedges and remove all debris. On the inside, depersonalize your home as much as possible. One of the key aspects of home staging is taking away these personal accents (portraits and family pictures) making your home clean, neutral, and full of possibility for potential buyers. Remove all clutter, work with your Realtor to hire a professional stager if necessary.
  3. Make repairs as needed to improve the home – Often small repairs can make a big difference in getting an offer, multiple offers or no offers in the first couple of weeks. Basic maintenance and cleaning goes a long way in a home staging. Taking the time to ensure that every room is spotless and well-polished will help make the property more attractive to visitors.
  4. Make your home available for showing by:
  • Having a Lockbox on the home
  • Having a for-sale sign on property
  • Having flexible appointment times – refrain from having extreme limiting hours (i.e. Wednesdays and Thursdays only from 3pm to 5pm)
  1. Holiday Decoration – Keep it simple, don’t display your choice of religious decorations, your choice may not be the buyer’s choice and they may be offended and not view your home or make an offer.

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