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Loss of the Primary Home Owner: What Happens Next?

Financial and Emotional Stress

How many of you know a home owner who passed away expectedly or unexpectedly?How many of you heard or saw the surviving family struggling emotionally and financially?

We are Residential Realtors working with clients to purchase, sell or lease. We specialize in clients going through a life changing event.

My Name is Theresa Miller with the M & M Team Realty and I am the CEO. I have been selling Residential Real Estate for the past 18 years.

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What I want to share with you today is how to avoid the financial struggle with the family home after your loved one has passed. Let’s use the acronym SELL:

  • S      Seek the advice of an attorney – before the situation becomes urgent, start by creating a will, you are never too young or too old to create a will.  The will is the roadmap for the execution of the wishes of your loved one after they have passed on. Create a living trust, a living trust is a trust that is created during their lifetime. In other words, while they are still alive, they transfer title to their property from their name to that of the trustee of the living trust.Create a power of attorney, a power of attorney gives you the authority to act on the behalf of your loved one in medical and or financial decisions in the event they are unable to make those decisions themselves.  Your loved one can create one or all three of the legal documents mentioned above. Those documents tell everyone involved the wishes of your loved one.
  • E       Execute the plan – based on the authority given to you. Included in the plan should be to call a qualified Real Estate Broker who will list and sell the property for you. You want a Realtor who will tell you the road to the finish line will not be easy, there will be bombs on left, right and the down the middle in the form of termites,  plumbing and roof replacement You will get finish line in pieces but unlike Humpty Dumpty, we’ll put you back together again.
  • L       List the home – with your qualified Broker. Get the family together and include them in the process allow everyone to give input during the meetings with the broker while you carrying out the wishes of your loved one
  • L       Let go – you have a Qualified Real Estate Broker.  Let them handle the process. You job during this time is to prepare the home to show by making any small needed repairs, cleaning up and/or removing all the belongs from the home.

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We are Leroy & Theresa Miller with The M & M Team Realty. We are Residential Realtors working with clients to purchase, sell or lease. We specialize in clients who need to sell or purchase property due to life changing events (i.e. a divorce). We understand the urgency and sensitivity of the clients needs.

We are The M & M Team Realty, “The Answer to Your Life Changing Events” 

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